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After more than 20 years spent in the four corners of France, overseas and abroad, it is in Paris, the city where I am from, that I started pottery.  


The idea had been gaining ground for a long time but I had never taken the plunge, too busy with expatriate life with all that it offers of wonderful: trips, adventures, novelties… You feel like an explorer who discovers the world ... adapting to new cultures, new lifestyles often different from their own ... so much to learn and see!

Pottery from Ethiopia, Suriname, Mexico, Vallauris in France, sculptures and paintings from Senegal, basketwork from Djibouti, Tembé art by Saramaca artists and Native American Wayana culture on the banks of the Maroni river in Guyana , the fauna and flora of all the countries where I have lived or visited are an inexhaustible source in my work.  


All of this fueled my imagination and revealed my love for art and crafts.

For several years, I practiced painting on porcelain which allowed me to satisfy my desire for creation, to express my taste for drawing and painting and to find my own style. But I have always kept the desire to produce an object from A to Z and to work with the material.  


Back in Paris, I therefore enrolled in a ceramic workshop where I discovered the techniques of modeling and turning, the work of earthenware and stoneware. 

Tout cela a nourri mon imaginaire et révélé mon amour pour l’art et l’artisanat.

Pendant plusieurs années, j’ai pratiqué la peinture sur porcelaine qui m’a permis d’assouvir mon envie de création, d’exprimer mon goût pour le dessin et la peinture et de trouver mon propre style.


Mais j’ai toujours gardé l’envie de produire un objet de A à Z et de travailler la matière.  

The sandstone was a revelation. I like its smooth finish. Fired at 1280, it becomes robust and waterproof: practical for utility rooms.

Capture d’écran 2024-02-17 à 18.47.49.png

For a year, I have been living in our house in the Basque Country, my region of heart and that of my husband. Since the boxes are now in storage, I have more time to devote myself to a project that has always made me dream: to open my own workshop.


I am lucky to have my space dedicated to pottery. I invested in a high temperature oven and a lathe. I spend whole hours there creating, experimenting, testing, often accompanied by our Twist cat, who sleeps next door.

I never know what the result will be when you open the oven and that's what is fascinating. We go from joy to discouragement and then in the end, when we succeed: what happiness! I particularly like the enamelling phase. Making your own glazes is exciting.

I never stop learning every day, and I am constantly improving myself ...


While I'm just embarking on this new adventure, I already have plenty of ideas and projects for the future: their realization will depend on you and the reception you give to my first steps;)

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Je produis mes pièces en quantités réduites. Vous pouvez les retrouver dans mes points de vente, ou bien me contacter sur les réseaux sociaux pour toute demande ou commande. 

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